From 01 April to 31 March, the club runs a keenly fought competition. There are five different categories: Spearfishing, Crayfish hunting, Photography, Videography and Conchology.

Our annual prizegiving is held at our April club meeting – always the first Thursday of the month.

Rules: Crayfish & Spearfishing

Here is a reminder of the rules and points for the club competitions. Please read them carefully and make sure you understand them.
The points for each particular species reflects the degree of difficulty required for a spear fisherman to locate, shoot, subdue and return the fish to the boat. It also takes into account the size these particular fish grow to in our area.

Rules: Conchology

Shells to be recovered from New Zealand Ocean or beaches in the 12 months
prior to the Prizegiving.
Trophy and prize for winner only.
Maximum 2 shells entered per person.