Mt Photographics Cup Underwater New Zealand Only
Harold Davis Trophy Topside photo
Lester McNeil Memorial Trophy Unspoilt New Zealand
Carters Photographic Cup Club/Group Photo
Warwick Fensom Trophy ‘Dive Sport’
Lois Hemsley Trophy Macro
Kim Taylor Trophy Globetrotter International
Mantra Shield Supreme Underwater Photo
Ian Sherwood Trophy Marine Related Video


Competition runs over a 12 month period from 01 April to 31 March.
Contestants must compose the photograph and trigger the camera or set any automatic process themselves.
All photos to be prints only. No slides.
Prints to be unframed and no larger than 15cm x 20cm (6in x 8in)
No imaging to be added or removed from photos. (Exception – Photomontage may be edited within the rules of that category)
Contestants may enter a maximum of two photos per category.
Only one in each category will count towards trophies and prizes.
Amateur photographers only.
Judging of each category will be by members present at the Prizegiving by secret ballot.
Top 3 photos will be retained by the club.


Mt Photographics Underwater Taken in NZ waters only.
Harold Davis Topside May be taken anywhere in the world on any subject.
Lester McNeil Unspoiled New Zealand Above water only.  No man-made objects or people may feature in the photo.
Carters Club Group Two or more club members. Can be taken anywhere in the world.
Warwick Fensom Dive Sport Must feature one or more people participating in an above or underwater scuba /free-diving activity, eg trophy fish.  May be taken anywhere in the world.
Lois Hemsley Macro Underwater only. Can be taken anywhere in the world.
Kim Taylor Globetrotter Underwater only. Overseas only.
Ian Sherwood Video: Marine Related Above or below the water.
Worldwide. Maximum 3 minutes. Supply on USB stick. Soundtrack can’t be subject to copyright unless proof of payment is supplied. Videographers name must not appear.
Mantra Trophy Top underwater photo overall.
Voted by show of hands.